Asset Management

“Our ability to hedge against Foreign exchange risk further reflects our Asset Management competence.”

asset managementWe specialize in providing excellent products geared to our client’s investment goals and parameters. Our aim is to deliver consistently above-benchmark returns with controlled levels of risk. Our asset management experience enables us to strategically apply our resources in a manner guaranteed to deliver the highest quality service. Our structure is designed to encourage focus and accountability.

Funds/Wealth Management / Administration

Our advisory and discretionary portfolio management products are targeted at institutions and private investors. We design our collective schemes to meet different investment objectives. Our instruments enable investors invest in high yield low cap stocks and money market instruments. We also design and manage investments in ethical funds and mutual funds to meet investments needs without compromising our clients’ ethics.

We also assist a number of foreign investors in investing in gilt-edge investment instrument available in the Nigerian economy. Such instruments include National & Sub-national bonds, which over time have yielded higher returns over target global benchmark.


We are in the process of floating funds to tap into the Collective Investment Sector.  Our experience in asset management will be deployed to return yields that will surpass the all share index.