Instruction for completing the Application Form - Step 1 of 6

Applications must be made in accordance with the instructions set out below. Care must be taken to follow these instructions as applications that do not comply may be rejected.
If you are in any doubt, please consult your Stockbroker, Accountant, Banker, Solicitor or any other professional adviser for guidance.

Radix Asset Management Limited Initial Public Offering of at In the Radix Horizon Fund.
Payable in full on Application.

  1. Applications must be made only on this Online Application Form, or photocopy, downloaded or scanned copy of the Application Form. All form must be submitted with proper KYC documents. (Passport Photograph, Valid means of Identity and Utility Bills).
  2. The Application list for the Units will be open to prospective investors for the duration specified in the Prospectus
  3. Applications must be for a minimum of 100 Units. Applications for more than 100 Units must be in multiples of 50. The number of Units for which an application is made and the applicable value should be entered in the boxes provided.
  4. An application for a minor must include the full names and date of birth of the minor, as well as the full names and address of the adult (Parent or Guardian) making the application on such minor’s behalf.
  5. Joint applicants must all sign the Application Form.
  6. An application from a corporate body must bear the corporate body’s common seal and be completed under the hand of a duly authorized official.
  7. An application by an illiterate should bear his right thumbprint on the Application Form and be witnessed by an official of the Receiving Agent at which the application is lodged who must have first explained the meaning and effect of the Application Form to the illiterate in his own language. Above the thumb print of the illiterate, the witness must record in writing that he has given this explanation to the illiterate in a language understandable to him and that the illiterate appeared to have understood same before affixing his thumb impression.
  8. An applicant should not print his signature. If he is unable to sign in the normal manner he should be treated for the purpose of this Offer as an illiterate and his right thumbprint should be clearly impressed on the Application Form.
  9. Payment in respect of the application must be transferred into the designated Offer proceed account domiciled with United for Africa Plc with the following details:

  10. All foreign currency subscriptions should be credited to the Custodian account above. UBA Custodian will issue CCIs evidencing such foreign currency subscriptions. CCIs are required to enable subsequent repatriation, in a freely convertible currency, of the dividends from or proceeds of any future sale of the Units acquired in this IPO.