About Radix Capital

radixlogoThe Radix brand is backed by over two decades of professional expertise and experience with access to a universe of resources composed of specialists in every field,  in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian and global economic environment, solid pedigree in Equity & Debt origination and distribution, Asset Management and Financial & Investment Promotion Advisory services. We have access to extensive financial resources with equity funds in excess of the statutory minimum set by the Securities and Exchange Commission [“SEC”]. Our ability to provide unique value-adding financial solutions over the decade have undoubtedly endeared us to our numerous clients. We are particularly committed to helping our nation realise its vision of becoming one of the twenty most industrialized nation in the world.

Radix competence manifests in our ability to deliver value, based on deep understanding of local and international markets, our thoroughbred professionals, a robust research base and a strong awareness of International Best Practices. Transactions handled by us demonstrates our ability to continue to break new frontiers in our quest to further unlock values. The relationship management approach of our people, professionalism, understanding and innovation over time have continued to make us providers of first choice advisory services to growing businesses.

We provide Investment, transaction and promotion advisory services to individuals, corporations, ministries, departments and agencies locally and internationally, including PPP transactions. Our in-depth research capability, global coverage of micro and macro-economic environment, relationship with Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) as well as other local and international investment promotion agencies positions us as a leading Financial Advisory service provider in the industry.

Our asset management team assist investors in meeting their set or agreed investment goals. We manage portfolio both on discretionary and non-discretionary basis. The portfolios handled on behalf of foreign investors interested in the country’s National and Sub-national bonds have been  on a steady rise .

Our Trustee arm provides various types of Trustee Services which include Trust Consortium Finance, Bond Trusteeship, Estate Planning and Will Administration, Securitization, Endowment/Foundation, and loan Syndication.