“We professionally administer the Trust per its terms and ensuring security of fund/assets.”

TrsuteeshipOur subsidiary company Radix Trustees Limited provides various types of Trustee Services which include Trust Consortium Finance, Bond Trusteeship, Estate Planning and Will Administration, Securitization, Endowment/Foundation, Syndication etc.

1. Private Trust

We advice on a private trust created for the benefits of one or more ascertainable individuals. We create an estate planning trust to sooth the needs and desires of our clients.

2. Bond Trusteeship We act as Trustee to State Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bond etc.. Ensuring that interest of Bond holders are adequately protected while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirement. Bonds is a trust created for the purpose of public welfare and not for the benefit of one or more individuals.

3. Corporate Trust Management of Syndicated/Club Lending, Debenture Stock, Employee Welfare, Mutual/Unit Trust, Mortgage/ Real Estate, Shareholders, and School/Project Trust

4. Charitable Trust

Operates on behalf of our clients Foundations – non-profit organizations that typically donate funds and support to other organizations; or provide sources of funding for its own charitable purposes.

5. Endowments

We advice on the management of Endowments especially those bestowed upon individual or institution such as university, museum, hospital; or foundation set-up for specialized purpose.

Radix Trustees also provide other services such as Company Secretarial Services, Nominee Services, Business Intermediation, Trust Property Management, and Estate Administration and Planning.