Mergers and Acquisition

“Our thorough approach to Mergers & Acquisition have helped us execute seemingly complex M&A transactions with remarkable success.”

mergers-acquisitionsIn executing transactions of this nature, we place great emphasis on conducting extensive due diligence on the combining entities because the viability or otherwise of either party may undermine and defeat the original motive of the transaction. Our activities in a typical M&A include:

i .  Analyses of merging entities in order to ascertain the suitability of merging entities;

ii. Current State Assessment of operations, assets and management of merging entities [Due diligence];

iii. Conducting Enterprise valuation;

iv. Documenting Post- combination Synergy Analysis;

v. Devising negotiation strategies with various stakeholders;

viii. Obtaining Regulatory approvals pursuant to subsisting legislations;

ix. Supervise and coordinate consummation and post merger integration of the merged entities;